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Parent Partnership
Kindergarten has changed drastically over the last decade.  What used to be an introduction to school routines, letters, and numbers  has now been developed into an exciting and extensive curriculum. By the end of the kindergarten year, your child will be expected to read independently, write a story with at least 3 sentences, count to 100,  add, subtract, and much, much more!   In order for your child to be successful, parents and teachers need to work together.   You can help by reading TO and WITH your child daily, as well as, attending Parent/ Teacher Conferences and Open House.  Together, we can help your child have a terrific year!

Absences and Tardies
If your child is sick, please let me know by email or by calling the front office, if possible.
We are busy learning from 8:05 to 2:50!  If your child is late to school or picked up early, they may be missing important work.  However, we understand that sometimes there are special circumstances that require your child to arrive late or leave early.  You must check your child in or out at the front office.   
 Remember, good school attendance is an important part of  assuring that your child has a successful kindergarten year!   

Changes in Transportation
We try to do everything possible to insure the safety of your child.  If your child has a change in transportation, please send a written note to school with your child.  Emails cannot be accepted.  Without your authorization, your child will be sent home in the usual manner.  Also, your child may NOT be released to any other adult without your WRITTEN authorization.  If there are adults, other than the parent to whom your child may be released , you can include them on your emergency card.

Kindergarten lunch is 11:20-11:50.   Lunch is $2.65.  There is a credit card payment system called "My Lunch Money", which can be accessed through the CISD website under "Parent Access".  Directions are included on the links so that you may set up an account for your child using the student's 6 digit ID number.  Cafeteria account balances may be accessed on the Conroe ISD "Parent Access" system.  If for any reason your child does not have money for lunch, he or she will receive a cheese sandwich and milk.  This lunch is not a favorite of any child I know, so PLEASE make sure your child is prepared for lunch.  

*If you are applying for the free/reduced lunch program, please make sure that the appropriate forms are turned in to the cafeteria.  Without the correct documentation, your child will have to receive the cheese sandwich.

Parents are welcome to come eat lunch with your child.  Due to safety concerns, please do NOT take pictures of any child other than your own.  In addition, parents are not allowed on the playground with the students during recess.  

Birthday Celebrations
Birthdays are an exciting time for children.  We would love to help them celebrate!  Please send cookies, instead of cupcakes for the class. (Cupcakes are very messy and often not eaten by the children.) Your child may bring them  in the morning or you may leave them with Mrs. Monte in the front office.  She will make sure that we get them in time for snack. You may also distribute invitations at school ONLY IF the entire class is invited, in order to protect from hurt feelings of those not invited!

Each day your child will attend  either Art, Music, Computer Lab, or Library, as well as P.E. each day from 1:00-2:00 pm.  

Kindergarten students have  weekly homework suggestions on the newsletter to review any minimum skills taught so far.   In addition, your child will begin bringing home a book bag to read with you at home to target your child's specific needs.   Finally, if you are interested in additional enrichment activites for your child, please see attached link.

Make a Sentence: Attached is a powerpoint with activity pages for your child.  You may choose the Make a Sentence slide that is most appropriate  for your child's reading level.  After unscrambling the sentence, you may choose the following slide to practice writing the sentence OR to write a story about the sentence.

Kindergarten Writing Prompts  (Second Semester): We are working on writing stories with at least three sentences.  SPELLLING IS NOT STESSED AT THIS TIME!  Please allow your child to sound out the words the best they can WITHOUT you spelling it for them.  See attchment for more information...

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Rainbow Words: In addition, please see the list of rainbow words above.
Have fun and thanks for your support!


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